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EUROCAROTEN (2016-2020)

A European Cost network for research on carotenoids and their applications in the field of agro-food and health.

The aim of this European EUROCAROTEN Cost Action Network is to improve the competitiveness of the European agri-food industry and promote health by coordinating research on carotenoids. Carotenoids are molecules with many properties and can be used as natural dyes, antioxidants, vitamin A sources and functional ingredients. Of the 750 carotenoids identified, only ten have been well studied, so there remains a great potential for innovation around these molecules, at different levels.

EUROCAROTEN will focus on the identification of new sources of carotenoids, the study of carotenoids not well studied and the identification of the beneficial effects of carotenoids and how they can be used to promote health and increase competitiveness of the European agro-food industry.

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EUROCAROTEN will bring together and articulate a critical mass of European actors to promote cooperative use of infrastructures, synergies and sharing, production, application and communication of knowledge. This will strengthen Europe's research and innovation capacity. As a result, this project is expected to generate important breakthroughs in applications in the field of new technologies, high-quality foods, and the implementation of nutrition recommendations.

The EUROCAROTEN network brings together European researchers from 28 countries and is chaired by Professor Antonio J. Meléndez Martínez, University of Seville, Spain.

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