The challenge for UMR SQPOV is to better understand the determinants of the quality and safety of plant products and more specifically of processed fruits and vegetables with a focus on microconstituents (structure, quantities, valorisation) for the quality aspects and on reducing the microbiological risk due to sporulated bacteria for safety aspects.

SQPOV is composed of five teams:

Micronutrients Reactivity and Digestion or MicroNut (Team leader: C. Dufour): Better define the chemical determinants (structures and reactivities) of the nutritional benefits of fruits and vegetables
(Key words: microconstituents, polyphenols, carotenoids, structural chemistry, reactivity and synthesis)

Eco-extraction of natural products or Green (Team leader: F. Chemat): Developing extraction techniques that respect the molecules and the environment
(Keywords: microconstituents, process, durability)

Sporulated bacteria in food chain or SporAlim (Team leader: V. Broussolle): Identify the relevant microbiological risks and acquire the knowledge necessary to model and control the risks associated with processing processes
(Keywords: Bacillus cereus, diversity and adaptation)

Quality and Process (Team leaders: C. Le Bourvellec, S. Bureau): Understanding the impact of agro-food processes on the nutritional benefit (presence and accessibility of micronutrients) in order to improve processing methods and optimize the adequacy between raw materials and processes
(keywords: microconstituents, polyphenols, carotenoids, vitamins, vegetable matrix, quantification, agri-food)

These teams are assisted by a support team (secretariat, computer support...)

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