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IMPLANTEUS Graduate School

IMPLANTEUS Graduate School

The IMPLANTEUS Graduate School

Graduate schools are associations of Master’s and Doctoral training programs with high-level research labs of universities and partner institutes. Their goal is to strengthen the impact and international attractiveness of training programs and research carried out in specific / high-priority scientific domains.

The IMPLANTEUS Graduate School has been designed to address the challenge of adapting Mediterranean agricultural systems for fruit and vegetable production to the constraints of global change all while fostering high nutritional quality.

Avignon is the ideal site for such an interdisciplinary project thanks to its research and teaching distinctive forces and its socio-economic environment. Avignon is first at the heart of France’s main FV production region, gathering 27% of its horticultural crop producers and 21% of its fruit orchardists. Avignon also has developed a unique research and teaching dynamic in agricultural sciences drawing on the Avignon University (AU), an INRAE Research Center and the Innov’Alliance cluster, a network mobilizing private companies and research structures for innovation in agriculture and the agro-food industry. Agricultural sciences have made up one of the two AU strategic axes for the last decade. Collaborations between AU and INRAE in this field have notably grown into a dedicated Federative Research Structure TERSYS. Overall, the IMPLANTEUS project benefits from the local dynamics of ca. 250 permanent researchers and engineers and the affiliated technical and administrative staff.

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