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IFIP is a Research-Development and Innovation organization serving all economic players in the French pork industry.

The objective of IFIP is to contribute to modernization, competitiveness and sustainable development as well as to supply diversified, healthy and quality products for consumers.

IFIP is jointly implementing the ADDUITS research program with FICT. Built with INRAE and ADIV and started in February 2018, ADDUITS (2018-2022) is funded over 4 years by 24 charcuterie companies with the objective of studying nitrites in deli meats and their impact on digestive health.

PHYTONUT project is part of the ADDUITS program. It is supported by IFIP and UMR SQPOV from INRAE Avignon; it aims to study the « role of phytomicronutrients in the inhibition of lipid oxidation and the formation of nitroso-compounds during the manufacture and digestion of model deli meats ». This work is carried out as part of the Cifre PhD of Charlène SIRVINS (2020-2023).

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